Mother and Baby holding hands Mother and Baby holding hands

Baptism / Thanksgiving

The gift of a son or daughter is so precious that you may want to say: “Thank you to the God, the Creator or the Universe…” “Please protect our child from all that might cause harm…” “Help us to guide and teach the daughter or son placed in our care…”

For many the response to this momentous event is to request a Thanksgiving Service (sometimes known as a dedication), which celebrates the safe birth of the child, acts as a naming ceremony, and surrounds him or her with the prayers of family and friends.

For parents committed to attending church and bringing up their child in the Christian faith, a Service of Baptism (Christening) may seem appropriate.  This is a very important ceremony, not to be entered into lightly.  It involves you and your Godparents affirming publicly your faith in Jesus Christ and making promises in the sight of God to lead your son or daughter by example in regular worship and prayer at church and at home.  Belonging (to the church) and believing (Jesus is both man and God) are therefore both very much part of the meaning of baptism.

You may want to approach the Good Shepherd about a Baptism for a variety of reasons.  We are always pleased to consider helping you with a Thanksgiving Service or a Baptism if you live in the parish of the Good Shepherd, and / or have a genuine connection with this church.  If you do not have either of these circumstances we can advise you as to which is your local church, who will then be pleased to help you with your enquiry. 

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.