Our Ethos

At CoGS we desire to be a church, which is rooted in the worship of God the Holy Trinity, living in relationship with God, in relationship with each other within CoGS, in relationship with other churches and in relationship with the people and communities we serve. We are prepared to adapt to serve the purposes of the Gospel within our context, holding firm to those things which are essential to the Truth of Jesus Christ, and holding lightly to everything else. Our mission, calling and vision will shape the way we structure the church. We aim to discern through prayer and engagement what our loving Father God is doing in His world, and to demonstrate the flexibility and boldness needed to join in with Him. It is our desire to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to become better disciples ourselves as we do so. We long to see transformation in the lives of individuals and the communities we serve, and expect to be transformed ourselves in the process.
We desire to be a people who have Jesus at the centre of all that we do, and who genuinely and sacrificially love our neighbours and serve them. We want to worship in Spirit and in Truth, living transparent and open lives, which reflect the beauty of God. We delight to give the reason for the hope that we have because of Jesus, always learning more and desiring ever more to be like Him. We aim to honour God and one another in all that we think, say and do; to be a generous and hospitable people, who seek to implement all things with quality. We strive for balance as we relate to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and so to live balanced lives of worship, prayer, family and friends time, work, recreation and service to our neighbourhood, as well as the needs of our city, nation and the wider world.
We aim to be a realistic people, with a balanced view of our gifts and limitations, who depend on the Grace of God, and who draw upon His big love to help our little love to work better. We want to be so sure of our identity in Jesus Christ that we will work together with anyone who shares God's Kingdom values. We have a vision of society which reflects ever more of heaven on earth. When things go wrong, which they will from time to time, we resolve to be a people who seek the forgiveness of God in Christ and who forgive one another, picking one another up, dusting ourselves down and getting on with the job. We are a people of hope.
We will never lose hope because:
  • We worship a faithful God, who keeps His promises and is faithful even if we are faithless.
  • Our Father God sent His Son the Lord Jesus to become flesh and live among us to save the world.
  • The Lord Jesus touched the untouchables, healed the sick, delivered people from evil and preached the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • The Lord Jesus died for our sins so that we might be forgiven and forgive.
  • God the Father raised the Lord Jesus from the dead.
  • The Lord Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven and is praying for us all right now.
  • Through Jesus His Son, God the Father sent the gift of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh to empower us to worship, live life to the full and act in His name.
  • The Holy Spirit is at work in the world God made and He calls back to the Father.
  •  By the work of the Holy Spirit we can choose to be adopted as children of our loving Heavenly Father, and in the power of the Holy Spirit we are guided and strengthened to do the things that Jesus the Son did.
  • When we die we know that we shall live in heaven with Jesus.
  • The Lord Jesus will one day return, then we shall gain our resurrection bodies and the Lord Jesus will bring all things in heaven and earth under his sovereign rule and all things will be renewed.
In other words:
Our calling is to be a people who follow Jesus to serve our community, so that tomorrow can be different for us all.

Rev David Hague