Further Afield

global-linksThe Bible encourages each one of us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with All Nations across the world, whether that be in Collier Row or Cambodia. 

At this present time the Hall family are working in Senegal, West Africa with WEC. Sue and Leon Thomas are preparing to join World Horizons and go to Cambodia.

We are encouraged by the number of short term mission trips that have "gone out"  from CoGS, to places such as Senegal, Cambodia, France, Uganda, Egypt and beyond...., and for the enthusiam of those leading and taking part.

We recognise that not all of us are able to commit to full time mission, yet each one of us has the opportunity to offer support whether that be finanical or prayer support, so that tomorrow can be different for us all

Our mission partners are supported by the whole church family. Co-ordination of support is undertaken by the Mission Support Team and Mission Action Group

If you are interested in long/short term mission or want to be involved in teams going from the church please contact the Mission Action Group.